Our history

Karting Can Picafort

It started in the seventies when a teenager group of friends who were keen on the motorworld met to race on a little circuit in Puerto Pollensa. Later, in 1980, they decided to build their own Go-Karts circuit in Can Picafort. After a time, the Balearic federation of Go-Karting became interested in the circuit to organize competitions and the "Karting Can Picafort" was born.

During all this time there were made important renovations and enlargements to adapt the circuit to the new technologies and the current norms of security, converting it to one of the best circuits in Europa.

At present we have two circuits: one where you can rent a Go-Kart and another one where you can use your own Go-Kart. These circuits are joined in some ocasions to celebrate competitions. At the present time championships get specificly organizad for the Europeen Championship of Resistance and the Balearic Go-Karting Championship.

The history of Go-Karting

The Go-Karting sport was born in 1951 in an aviation base in the United States.

The first Go-Kart was made of heating pipes, wheels of aviation glue, a lawn mower engine and a steering wheel of an old outdated plane.

At the beginning, the Go-Karts were some rudimentary machines which scarcely reached the speed of 50 km/hour

Very soon, the Go-Karting had grown to become successful in other bases in the United States and the first competitions started.

Quickly they passed this speed of 50 km/hour and many technical improvements were incorporated.

In the sixties this sport was introduced in Europe through France and England and finally got to Spain in the seventies.

Since the beginning, the evolution of the Go-Karting went constantly upwards. The chassis were increasing in stability and brakes. Nowadays a Go-Kart is up to a speed of more than 150 km/hour, and that with a security which is comparable with the security in Formula 1. Italy has become the major star in the world of Go-Karting both in the building of chassis and in the building of engines.

In 50 years, the Go-Karting has obtained the respect and the appreciation as a complete sport and a formidable driving school. Drivers like Senna (Go-Karts World?s Sub-Champion in 1979 and 1980), Prost, Schumacher, Herbert, Frentzen Alesi, Hakkinen, Coulthard, Barrichello, Alonso and many others did cooperate at the beginnings of their sport careers that the Go-Karting sport became one of the most spread all over the world and before all an important basement to the current automobile sport.